Virtual Group Workshops

Virtual Teaching: What you need to know…

**FREE Virtual Workshops!**

Our virtual group workshops are for young people that want the time and space to focus on their creative writing. We run small workshops in groups of five students or less, with a tutor present to guide the sessions.

Workshops run for one hour a week, and students pay on a monthly basis. We understand that having to write a new piece every week can be stressful and add too much pressure to students’ creativity, so workshopping works on a bi-monthly basis. This means that, for example, you might bring your creative work to share for the first and third week of every month, and your fellow students might bring work on the second and fourth weeks. This way, everyone gets chance to share their work with the group at least twice a month, and we also have time to run some classes that are tailored to what your group are writing and what you want to learn more about!

We group students by their age, writing ability, and availability — however, we also try and group students together based on what they’re writing. For example, if you love to write fantasy fiction, we’ll try and find you a group of writer buddies that like the same things! Many of our students carry on workshopping with us for several months, and almost all of them keep in contact with their writer buds after they’ve finished learning with us.

Our introductory offer means, up until Christmas 2020, our virtual workshops are FREE! We understand the current situation is difficult financially for everyone, but our creativity shouldn’t suffer because of it. We are, however, accepting donations, should you choose to support our tutors in this time.

If you think you might be interested, fill out the form below. When we find a group of writers that we think you’ll love working with, we’ll drop you a line!

“Joining a group workshop is the best thing for young writers like me. A whole group of warm, friendly people who are all working towards the same writing goals. I’ll be in touch with my writers group for a long long time!”

Emily, aged 17